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          Many parents value their children's English learning, but they don't know what to focus on? What are the key points of children's English learning shared by European and American foreign teachers' companies?


          1、 Have you focused on improving your child's listening


          I believe parents know the importance of language environment for children's English learning. If children want to learn English quickly, they must find a foreign teacher to learn it. Said here, some parents came to ask, my child is so young, and the foreign teacher can't speak a few words of Chinese. How can we communicate and communicate. In fact, these concerns of parents are superfluous. Children are fully capable of learning two languages, and language will not become an obstacle between children and foreign teachers. Learning with foreign teachers can fully stimulate children's language potential, which is unmatched by Chinese teachers.


          Audio can cultivate children's sense of language.


          Listening and speaking shows the importance of listening. If your children are young, in order to cultivate their interest in learning, you can play some nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes, attract them with cheerful melodies, guide them to imitate the pronunciation of foreign teachers, and slowly understand the rules of English learning.


          Effective interaction gets twice the result with half the effort.


          Just listen to children's songs?! Learning English is not so simple. Many children don't understand the meaning of English nursery rhymes, which requires parents to guide their children. Introduce them to what is said in the nursery rhyme, teach them the correct pronunciation of words, and let them feel the fun of learning with their parents.


          2、 Speaking boldly is the premise of improving oral ability


          When the child has a certain foundation in English, parents and foreign teachers can start to cultivate the child's oral English. Remember that after children have a foundation, they should not be encouraged. When children begin to learn a new language, they are full of novelty and interest. As long as appropriate guidance, they can lay a solid foundation for later learning. Foreign teachers are most popular with children. Their exaggerated expressions and interesting classroom atmosphere can fully attract children's attention. The teachers of foreign teachers adopt the situational mother tongue teaching method, which solves the problem of boring classroom to a great extent. Children can integrate into the classroom atmosphere with a more relaxed attitude, and the improvement of oral English is also very obvious.


          3、 Improve children's English reading ability and form habits


          How to improve children's English reading ability? This is also a big problem perplexing the majority of parents. Foreign teachers recommend that you use English picture books. Reading English picture books is an important link in children's English learning. Picture books are interesting and storytelling, which can help children improve their reading ability. Our foreign teachers usually make an English picture book reading plan for their children, from fairy tales and poems to small essays, introductory articles, and then famous works.


          4、 Writing is a good way to exercise children's English thinking ability.


          Some parents will ask: how do young children write? In fact, writing has nothing to do with age. As long as children can write words, they can practice writing, especially with the knowledge they have just learned. Foreign teachers can play a great role in this. They can also take advantage of this opportunity to let children learn more words. But don't force it. You can't exceed your child's learning ability too much.




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